7 key areas
where the Imposter Syndrome
can intensify the challenge of

* Why having a terrific idea, even one that solves a major problem for many,  may not be enough to achieve success.

*  Why the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial journey can trigger the imposter syndrome.

* What the imposter syndrome is about and why it may stand in your way.

* The 7 invisible saboteurs created by the Imposter Syndrome  that can stand in the way of your success including why the imposter syndrome is about self-worth, not confidence; why we find it so hard to sell, why you feeling you’re not good enough could be hurting your income; and why there’s a fine line between being personally engaged and passionate about what you’re doing and taking it too personally.

Hi, I’m Suzanne Mercier.

I help talented female entrepreneurs like you overcome the Imposter Syndrome so you can commercialise your trailblazing idea or take your business to the next level.

This E-book will  help you understand why the Imposter Syndrome makes the entrepreneurial ride so much more challenging and will give you some practical ways to move beyond its grip.