Beyond the Imposter Syndrome: Create the success you really want!

Would you be more successful if you accepted and owned your talents, strengths and successes instead of denying them and their value. If you confidently stepped up to every suitable opportunity that came your way, knowing you would be able to handle it. If you were comfortable delivering excellence instead of perfection.

For most of the women I talk with, the answer would be  a HUGE yes!  Somehow, though, for many, knowing that we can get in the way of our own success doesn’t seem to translate through to doing something about it.

The trouble with the imposter syndrome is that it comes and goes.

When it’s there, we react to something in our external environment that creates personal uncertainty. We can be derailed and immediately pull back into our comfort zone. When the impact has subsided, we’re no longer motivated to address it. We secretly hope it’s gone for good, and get on with life.

The imposter syndrome hasn’t gone though … it’s just gone underground until the next time something creates a feeling of personal uncertainty.

I know we don’t change until the pain of remaining the same gets too great. So, what is it costing you to continue missing out on success? The cost may be monetary. It may be stretch opportunities. You could be stuck in a dead end role with your talent screaming to be let out. You could feel disappointed in yourself. You may be concerned about the role model you’re creating for your daughters.

Well … if you can relate and would like to learn how to genuinely put the barriers created by  the imposter syndrome behind you, then you’re in luck. I’m putting on a Free Online Workshop teaching what I call Success Beyond the Imposter Syndrome™.

I’m going to share my 9 Stage Framework that takes you from feeling disappointed and frustrated with where you are now, to being well on the way to achieving the success you really want in your career and business. And if you’re already successful, you’ll be able to accept and enjoy your success.

I will teach you how to map your current blueprint for success – using proprietary diagnostics – which will allow you to recognise where your blueprint supports or gets in the way of your success.

I’ll show you how the Imposter Syndrome works, why you are experiencing it, what sets it off, how you unconsciously react and why that’s getting in your way.

I’ll teach you some of the tools I give to my client that will help you dismantle the barriers to success caused by the Imposter Syndrome.

And there will be so much more value to ensure you get the most out of the online workshop.

I have been using these proprietary diagnostics and processes for the past 7 years helping my coaching clients shape and achieve the career or business success they have dreamed of.

Warning Label. The imposter syndrome can feel confrontational. Moving beyond it requires us to look within to better understand our own mindset and the blueprint it creates.

So, this is not for everyone. It’s definitely not for people who are totally happy with where they are in their career or business.

Next:   Tuesday 21st November at 12:30 p.m. AEDT, I will be teaching it to you … for FREE.

No strings attached. If you want to put the Imposter Syndrome behind you and to go after the success you really want, then register for the online workshop and I look forward to meeting you!

PS. this is a true live workshop and there will be NO REPLAY. So if you want to check this out then definitely sign up and plan to spend an hour next Thursday that will change your career and business.

See you then.