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Happy Australia Day for Australians at home or overseas … or Australians at heart.

To get you in the mood, here’s something very Australian. I’m currently minding some rescue baby Lorikeets. This is them at feeding time earlier this morning … after jumping on my head, my arm, pulling at my hair in their efforts to groom me. Just adorable.

In between feeds, I’ve been talking to heaps of people about success, and in particular, the success of women. A number of factors have come together in my mind:


*  Last August, I watched a program on ABC Insight about women over 55, poverty and homelessness.  It highlighted that in Australia – and perhaps elsewhere in the world too – older women are the new poverty class

*  The #metoo campaign has made the vulnerability of women hard to ignore.

*  Inside organisations, Male Champions of Change are recognising and highlighting the unconscious bias that contributes to the uneven playing field. They’re leading by example, ensuring their behaviour is more inclusive; actively sponsoring women into positions they’re so very capable of fulfilling.

*  On an everyday basis, men who truly appreciate women are starting to make their voices heard.  Many are marching in the streets alongside wives, daughters, mothers.


Momentum is building!  There’s a resurrection of the fighting spirit that says ‘OK, enough already! This disparity, the exploitation of women’s vulnerability, the blatant disregard of their immense talents,  possibilities and contribution has to shift.’

Now, here’s the tough nut to swallow.  Women have a role in this too. Many of us have given away our power; put others before ourselves; doubted ourselves and our own talents and capabilities; bought into the myth that we’re not good enough and in doing so, we’ve robbed ourselves of our ability to make a difference, or to enjoy our own success.

When we put everyone else first … when we don’t know our own value and therefore don’t ask for it … when we allow others to define who we are and how worthy we are … we are potentially setting ourselves up for a less than ideal experience down the track. Do we want to allow even that possibility?

Hell no!  Not if I can help it.

Who am I to think I can make a difference to this situation? I work with talented women (and men) to help them recognise their own value and ask for it, to set healthy boundaries, to put themselves first (so they can help others with their oxygen mask, so to speak), to set their sights on something they’d really like to  achieve, to tap into their courage to go after it and to shamelessly CELEBRATE their achievements.

A terrific mentor of mine – James Harlow Brown – would say “Help a man succeed and he’ll feed his family (which is awesome by the way). Help a woman succeed and she’ll change the world around her” I would highlight that for her to succeed, she has to take care of herself first so she can make that impact.

If this resonates with you, watch this space. I’ll be sharing more about why I believe this is the year for women, how you can support yourself to go after what you really want and what I can do to help you on that journey so you can live up to your own amazing possibility.

So, in that spirit, let me share with you a video on my 5 stage proprietary process that underpins the program “Dare to be Successful”.  Yes, DARE. Because we need to overcome the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement and rejection (and the list continues) so we can put ourselves out there, vulnerable, ready and worthy of success.

Let me be upfront … it’s far from perfect. I haven’t got the hang of editing yet so there are a couple of rough edits. I’m practicing being excellent, not perfect. And I’m practicing vulnerability 🙂 So, here it is. I hope you find it thought provoking and valuable.

Dare to be Successful

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