Skirting Leadership Program Online


Sure, some of what holds us back can be situations and circumstances.

The truth is, though, we often hold ourselves back. We think we have to be perfect to earn the right to take a role. We hide who we are, what we think, what we dream from others fearing their judgement, criticism and rejection.

If we’re successful, we may sabotage that success believing we don’t deserve it and then fulfilling that belief. Or we may be so driven to prove ourselves that we race onto the next project without celebrating our achievement.

What will your future look like if you continue as you are now?

You know the definition of insanity. So if you’ve had enough of playing small, holding back, denying yourself a celebration for all your amazing achievements, perhaps its’ time to think differently.

What do you REALLY want?

What does success mean to you? What would you really like to achieve? How much do you want it? How willing are you to do what it takes? Even if that means having a really good look at yourself and the role you’re playing in holding yourself back?

If you’re ready, read through what Break Through to Success offers. And then ask yourself, ‘What would my life be like if I got out of my own way?’ ‘What would I do with my time and energy if I no longer struggled; if clients and opportunities came to me easily?’ ‘How would I define myself if I no longer held back?’

Pretty amazing is my guess. And I think you’d find so many more constructive ways to direct your energy. Life would be more meaningful and fulfilling. It would feel great to be in your own skin.

Tell me about Break through to Success!

Break through to Success runs for 6 weeks online; 2 hours per week.

It is a combination of online workshop and group coaching.

This is the structure of the program


Within the 4 stages, there are different steps that are layered to create the shift, build the foundation and create the future you want.

These 9 steps are:

  1. Unpacking and mapping your unique perspective
  2. Through diagnostics identify your Imposter Syndrome patterns
  3. Identify root cause for those patterns
  4. Develop your Freedom Strategy
  5. Remove the barriers by shifting mindsets, dealing with limiting beliefs and addressing specific Imposter Syndrome issues
  6. Reclaim you: your strengths, capabilities, successes and their value
  7. Build a solid foundation including resilience, EQ and SQ, healthy boundaries, internal locus of control
  8. Find your Career / Business Purpose
  9. Make it happen: Developing positive habits, contextualising all the tools back into real work situations, embedding through application.

The program draws on a proprietary kit of 72 strategies and tools.

Here’s what you’ll get by the end of the programme:

  1. Understand how you place limits on yourself and begin to dismantle them
  2. Identify your coping behaviours
  3. Recognise what triggers your feeling of not being good enough
  4. Realise the price you’ve paid and continue to pay for feeling NGE
  5. Reduce your reliance on external validation by discovering that for yourself
  6. Stop comparing yourself to others
  7. Really get the transformational power of taking responsibility for your own thoughts, behaviours and outcomes
  8. Understand and accept your own value – your strengths, successes and the value they bring to your career or business
  9. Learn to unpack your reactions to give you choice around your response
  10. Tune in and interpret emotional responses
  11. Learn possibility thinking and apply it to creating the future career or business you really want.
  12. Build healthy self-esteem (rather than fluctuating) and experience the Confidence that follows
  13. Like, accept and love yourself

 How does it work?

We will only have 10 people in the group, so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up quickly.

Before we start, I’ll get you to complete a questionnaire to identify the state of your self-esteem and self-confidence. This is a benchmark so you can see later just how far you’ve shifted your esteem and confidence.

You will also receive a resource book that we’ll add to each week.

Each week, I’ll present a chunk of content. We’ll discuss the content, go through exercises, talk about results, have open mike discussions where applicable. We’ll also discuss anything you want to share about what’s going on in the business or your career that you want help with. Resources will be stored in a shared Dropbox folder.

Give me the details!

Fridays 10-12.

Dates:  8th, 15th and 29th September / 6th, 13th and 20th October

Online via Zoom

Recordings available for those who cannot make a particular session.

Plus you have a half-hour one-on-one via Skype or Zoom with me to discuss a specific issue.

$299 is the Early Bird rate until COB 23 August.

Then the rate goes up to $349.

This is an introductory rate


If you need any more information, email me:


Otherwise, maybe it’s time to make that commitment?

I look forward to working with you.