Success beyond the Imposter Syndrome Implementation Program

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You’re a talented business owner, leader or manager. You know you’ve got what it takes to achieve the business or career success you really burn for … mostly.

Sometimes – and seemingly out of nowhere – you’re plunged into self-doubt. You may question how you got this far. Perhaps, even though you’re already successful by objective standards, you can’t rest yet. You haven’t proven to the world (and you) that you really are good enough. Either way, you’re probably feeling confused, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and frustrated, perhaps even resentful.

You may pull back from business or career opportunities, thinking you’re not quite ready (translation = not perfect). You don’t yet tick all the boxes.  Or you may go for them, bluster your way through, privately nursing the feeling that you don’t deserve the good stuff that comes your way.

Either way, you’re not shining the way you could.

If you’ve got this far, you agree!

I really want to help you. I’ve gone through this myself and walked away from a high six-figure salary as the first female director of Australia’s largest advertising agency (at the time). I thought I wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve the opportunity. I didn’t see that I had a choice … and that’s what I want to help you with … the ability to CHOOSE what you want and the capability to go after it.

Is that what you want too?

Here’s the shift you’ll get


Here’s what’s involved:

A 9-module program with 3 live group coaching sessions

Information and Implementation in each of the modules included in the process below.




[expand title="What are the 9 modules in the program?"] The model above – the Success Beyond the Imposter Syndrome Program – highlights the 3 broad areas for the program: Assess / Adust / Achieve and the 9 modules:


  •  Scope (exploring questions such as your definition of success, how successful you feel you are, how you will feel when you achieve success; default future for current trajectory)
  • Mindset (understanding the power of mindsets; Imposter syndrome as a case of mistaken identity; deep dive into the imposter syndrome, Proprietary Diagnostics
  • Blueprint (creating your perceptual map - how you see the world, why, the impact it has on your success


  • Barriers (identify what undermines your success and why; dismantling those barriers)
  • Talents (exploring, identifying, accepting and owning your talents; positioning yourself and/or your business
  • Foundation (developing a strong foundation upon which to build your career or business success


  • Future (What is your Purpose for success? What do you intend to achieve? How will you go about it?)
  • Skillset (what skills gaps do you have? Two key areas will be covered: Influence and Communication; others will depend on needs of the group
  • Feedback (self-coaching to deal with limitations that come up as you go after the career or business success you burn for and logically know you're capable of. [/expand]


[expand title="What is the principle behind the program?"]The way the program is put together is a middle point for DIY (do it yourself) and consulting (done for you). I deliver the content with heaps of examples. On the call, I can answer questions to ensure you understand the content. You go away and apply it. Often, when we apply our learning, we gain insights and distinctions. We can also learn what didn't work. In that case, you come back to me by email with your question, or take it to the Closed Facebook Group. When you tag me, I will respond in that group environment. [/expand]


[expand title="How many sessions are involved?"]There are 9 sessions of 1.5 hours each, delivering content and working with that content. In addition, there are 3 live group coaching calls where we address the area you need support in.[/expand]


[expand title="What happens when I can't make a session?"]Each session will be recorded. The recording is uploaded into the member area for you to view or review. When you join the program, you will be given access to the Member Only area which will contain all the materials to support your journey.[/expand]


[expand title="How much time do I need to allocate over and above attending the webclass?"]Each web class is approximately 1.5 hours long. We have weekly sessions. Every third week, we have a live coaching call which will also go for 1.5 hours. In addition, there will be between work to do. That can take the form of diagnostics, applying the tools and recording your results, writing in your journal, looking for patterns and insights. The basic level of work will be around 3 hours across the week. It's up to you if you want to go deeper and faster. [/expand]


[expand title="How do you handle privacy?"]The Imposter Syndrome can feel confrontational. Some people don't like others to know they're exploring the syndrome and how it plays out for them. In the webclass, we only use first names. It's up to you (and to some degree, your facebook profile) how you show up in the Closed Group.[/expand]


[expand title="What kind of support will I get?"] Other than the 3 live 1.5 hour coaching calls described above, you will have a 1/2 hour 1:1 session with me. You can use that at any point in the program. In addition, you can email me to ask a question, send a question in ahead of the coaching session or a put a question to the group in the Closed Facebook Group. This latter option is most appropriate when you're testing something out or want to know where to find a piece of material. [/expand]


[expand title="When does the program start?"]

For this introductory program, the start date is Thursday 30/11 from 12 pm. to 2 pm. AEDT. We will run 4 sessions on consecutive Thursdays: 30 November; 7 December; 14 December; 21 December.

Then we break for Christmas. Over the holiday period, there will be some light reading and journalling as it is often a great time for reflection. No problem if you don't get to do it. Just an opportunity.

Session 5, scheduled for 18 January will be a re-orientation session and a bonus. The remaining 5 sessions will be held on consecutive Thursdays at the same time slot (12-2pm): 25 January, 1 February, 8 February, 15 February with the final session on 22nd February. Coaching sessions will be set up around every 3rd module of content. Dates/times will be advised closer to the time. [/expand]


[expand title="What are the alternatives for payment?"]The introductory price for Success Beyond the Imposter Syndrome is US$900 when paid upfront. There is an option to pay 3 x US$350. I use PayPal.[/expand]


[expand title="Can you tell me about the money back guarantee?"]I totally back this process and my material. It's what got me through the Imposter Syndrome. And over the past 10 years, I've been expanding my own experience to include the experiences of clients from all walks of life. I certainly do my best to customise it and always welcome feedback on how I can improve your experience. However, if you've done all the between work recommended to give you the greatest shift and you're just not getting what you expected or hoped for, I will refund your money. You have 3 weeks to exercise this Guarantee. All I will ask is that you let me know what didn't work and allow me to attempt to fix it for you. Other than that, no problems. Your money will be returned. [/expand]


To pay the upfront Introductory Price of US$900


To pay the WebClass tuition in 3 payments of US$350 use the option below.

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