Success by Design FREE Webinar Series

Explore and Dismantle Barriers to Performance

Hi there,

I’m Suzanne Mercier.  I help talented female leaders, managers and business owners, recognise and achieve the success they’re so capable of without having to compromise who they are.

In fact, just the opposite.

My programs are about helping you see the talents, capabilities and successes that are right in front of you, identifying the value of those qualities and helping you connect them to make the contribution only you are capable of.

My work is a fit for you if:

  • you know you’re capable of so much more than you’re demonstrating at the moment
  • you have figured out that even though it’s an uneven playing field in business or your career, there is still so much you can do to move forward and achieve what you’re capable of
  • you’re tired of other people defining your worth for you
  • you are seeking more meaning and fulfillment from the work  you’re doing
  • you’re tired of the crazy busy world you live in and the ‘shoulds’ that drive you
  • you would like a different way of showing up; one that feels more authentic

… and if you’re really ready to do something different to change the outcome.

What better time than now to contemplate how you can create the career or business you want in 2018 ?

I offer 5 different free webinars to help you understand what may be standing in your way and what to do about it.


Step up … don’t hold back!

How often do we step back when what we really want to do is to grab opportunities with both hands? What does it take for you to step up? To see your potential and go for it? Perhaps you don’t see your own talents & successes or recognise their value. Maybe you set yourself huge goals to prove to the world you have what it takes instead of breaking that huge goal down into smaller achievable steps. Perhaps you see opportunities and success as a fine pie and feel  you’re not ready for your piece. If you know you have so much more to give and simply need to move beyond the mental barrier you have in place, this may be the webinar for you. Make 2018 the year you live up to your possibilities.


Grow your Mindset

A fixed or limited mindset will absolutely stand in the way of you achieving the career or business you want. A growth mindset, on the other hand, sets you up for the success you really want.

If you experience the Imposter syndrome, you are likely to feel like a fake or fraud at times. You may find it challenging to see and value your strengths, capabilities and successes. You may be overly focussed on being validated by other people. And when circumstances derail you, it may take you longer to get past it. If this sounds like you, check out this free webinar.


Defeat the Perfection Habit

Perfection is a cruel driver and a key root cause for the feeling of not being good enough. It focuses our attention on an unrealistic and indescribable ideal which has us focussing on the gap between our achievements and that ideal, reinforcing the feeling of not being good enough. You may experience an intense drive to succeed while at the same time a fear of failure, judgement and rejection. Perhaps you have an inner critic that won’t let up, tend to take things personally, and need the validation of others to know you’re good enough. If so, this may be what stands in your way


Build Boundaries … not Defences

The most compassionate people are those with the strongest boundaries. Healthy  boundaries are associated with high self-esteem, inner strength and with achieving what you decide to. If you have trouble saying No! Or if you feel taken advantage of. If you may have trouble standing up for yourself, placing the needs of others before your own. Or perhaps your life feels ruled by too many ‘shoulds’. If you can relate, this webinar may be helpful for you.


Increase Bounce-ability

We live, work and build businesses in crazy times. Now, more than ever, resilience – the ability to bounce back – is a core business capability. We can’t be resourceful, healthy, happy and productive if we’re on the verge of burnout: stressed, not sleeping, juggling too many aspects of life; frustrated or even angry when things don’t go to plan. If you’re experiencing this level of stress, take a closer look at this webinar.


What will you do to show yourself and the world the difference you can make in 2018?

Does going after what you want deserve at least an investment of your time to find out?