Many of my clients come to me wanting to increase their confidence.  They know that confidence, not talent and capability alone, make the difference.  


Confidence is interpreted as competence.  It builds trust.  It allows us to not have all the answers and to be willing to find out. Confidence generates higher levels of motivation and resilience.  It enables us to embrace different perspectives, to open up possibilities of true collaboration, to put ourselves forward for the role we really want and be willing to grow into it.  Confidence makes it easier for us to step into unknown territory which is where the magic happens.  We can be vulnerable and set healthy boundaries.  And so much more.

Here’s the thing.  The kind of confidence I’m talking about is not the superficial confidence that depends on others and the ability to control your environment.  It’s a deep inner confidence.  You may still experience self-doubt when you push into the unknown.  The difference is This confidence won’t desert you when you need it most.  It’s the confidence that comes from believing in yourself, recognising your inherent value.   From this strong core,  you can recognise your unique value and make your difference in the world.

How successful will you feel when you reach that level of confidence?  

Like you’ve come home!

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Suzanne Mercier is passionate about understanding and supporting women to let go of the limits they put on their possibilities, instead recognising their value, connecting with reliable confidence, increasing performance and success.


Because Suzanne’s director-level corporate career was derailed by Imposter Syndrome and feelings of not being good enough.

After years of dismantling the essence of feeling like an imposter (mostly successfully), Suzanne developed diagnostics and processes to help others who couldn’t see their own value and lacked confidence to go after what they really wanted in their businesses, careers … and life.

You’ll find Suzanne ‘walking the halls’ of large organisations such as IBM and CSIRO, sitting across the table from talented solopreneurs and sharing her approach, ideas and practical processes through main media such as ABC Radio National, SMH, AFR and through Podcasts from Listnr’s The Wellness Collective and Katie Williams.

Suzanne’s unique approach facilitates rapid change and outcomes beyond expectations.

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How will you feel when you have confidence you can rely on?  Contemplate it.