Suzanne Mercier

There are many factors that contribute to high performance for individuals and for organisations. We are building a library of white papers exploring each of these factors. They are free for you to download.

Leadership is not ready for today’s complex business world.

In today’s ‘crazy’ business world, there is no time for leaders to be experiencing uncertainty, doubting themselves and second-guessing their decisions or failing to make decisions. New skills and capabilities are required to thrive in a VUCA business environment. Read more.

Skirting Leadership: the unspoken reason so few women make it up the ladder!

Yes, it’s an uneven playing field. Yes, there are responsibilities that typically fall to women and which interrupt careers and put added time and resource burdens on women.  However, there is another reason that I believe contributes to women failing to recognise opportunities, failing to step up when they get them and the other many strategies we engage in. Read more.