Suzanne Mercier

Here’s how I can help:

With a background in marketing fast moving consumer goods and advertising, I’ve been working with mindsets tracking their influence on decisions, behaviour and outcomes for more than 20 years.

In that time, I switched my interest from figuring out what you buy and why, to how you think, why you think that way and how that impacts the results you achieve in your career or business.

My interest isn’t theoretical.  I experienced the Imposter Syndrome to the extent I walked away from a role as the first female director of George Patterson Advertising in Australia … because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I worked through the impact the Imposter Syndrome had on my career choices and performance.

In the process, I developed proprietary diagnostics and models to help others overcome their sometimes crippling self-doubt in significant situations when what they need is confidence.

I then guide them to let go of perfection and other limiting patterns, to develop a strong inner core, increase resilience, set healthy boundaries and experience reliable confidence so they can see their value, define success for themselves and make it happen.

While anyone can experience self-doubt, women – and particularly women of colour and/or older women – feel its effects more deeply.

So, that gives you a broad idea.  Now for the specific ways we can work together.

Keynote addresses, Master Classes and Training Programs

– Inclusive Leadership

– Skirting Leadership

– The Purpose Mindset™️

– Moving Beyond Limitations (Imposter Syndrome)

Online Hybrid Training & Development Programs on Mindset and Performance

– The Purpose Mindset™️

– 30 day Fast Track your Confidence

– The Soft Skills MBA™️

One-on-One Executive Coaching for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Managers.

– Mindset and Purpose Coaching

– Soft Skills Coaching including Communication, Positioning Personal brand, Inspiring Presentations, Power & Influence for key stakeholders, Purposeful leadership