Suzanne Mercier

The upside of being uncertain & uncomfortable

Human beings generally don’t like discomfort of any kind: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We stop exercising (if we even start) when we get tired or our muscles start to complain. We exhaust our ‘bandwidth’ when confronted with ideas that stretch our mind or learn new skills that feel overwhelming. In doing so, we may walk […]

Is it time to get out of your own way?

I get in my own way. There I’ve said it. I’ve unintentionally undermined my own opportunities through self-doubt, procrastination, distraction. active sabotage and various other techniques I’ve perfected over the years. It’s a strange expression isn’t it. How can I get in my own way? I’m right here in this body. I can’t be in […]

Creativity brings out the Imposter Syndrome in us!

It hides in the shadow as we go through life, until it steps out and accosts us. I’m talking about the Imposter Syndrome – latent until triggered. Unknowingly, I’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome – the feeling of not being good enough or even feeling like a fake and fraud – most of my life. In my […]