Suzanne Mercier

Do You Under-value yourself?

In large corporations in 2021, according to Catalyst, 26% of CEO’s and MD’s are women. while there’s been progress, the difference is still remarkable. The gap though is far more noticeable when we look at women in their own business … where they’re responsible for everything including selling. According to The Australian Small Business and […]

7 ways to Strengthen Resilience

Yes, life is uncertain. There is very little that occurs to us on a day-to-day basis that we can control. Yet, we do our best to to reduce our feeling of vulnerability and restore some feeling of certainty. The truth is we can’t control much at all in our external environment. Life can be messy, chaotic […]

7 ways to move beyond ‘Nice Girl’ to Thought Leader

I was raised to be a nice girl, to be seen and not heard, to do what I was told to do and not what the adults in my life did. I was taught that if I couldn’t say something nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all. It was important that I didn’t offend anyone. […]

The upside of being uncertain & uncomfortable

Human beings generally don’t like discomfort of any kind: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We stop exercising (if we even start) when we get tired or our muscles start to complain. We exhaust our ‘bandwidth’ when confronted with ideas that stretch our mind or learn new skills that feel overwhelming. In doing so, we may walk […]