Suzanne Mercier

Day 1:  Confidence is the key to just about any door you want to open. Most of us are confident in familiar territory. That confidence can desert us when we step into the unknown, which is where what we want typically sits. Over the next week I’ll share some tips, observations and questions to help you understand what may be holding you back. Watch this space :). (And I’ll fix the lighting for the next one 🙂 #confidence#reliableconfidence#confidentwomen#confidencetoinclude#Confidencecoaching#confidentleaders#successmindset

Day 2:  Yesterday I talked briefly about how important your mindset is. Today’s video is inviting you to set a benchmark so you can begin to assess how well your mindset supports you to be confident and achieve your dream … or not!
 #confidence#reliableconfidence#confidentwomen#confidencetoinclude#Confidencecoaching#confidentleaders#successmindset #achieveyourdreams

Day 3:  Today we’re looking at what’s typically creating the gap between where you are right now and what you dream of achieving. There may well be capabilities you need to acquire or strengthen. However, the most common barrier to moving forward is self-doubt … a lack of confidence. How do you feel when you write down what you’re great at? In tomorrow’s video we’ll begin looking at the patterns that typically erode self-confidence.

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Day 4:  

In examining patterns that undermine our confidence, IMV Perfection has to be one of the most significant … or perhaps that’s just me. It certainly has been a major barrier for me. Questions for you: Are you a perfectionist? Do you allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them? Do you allow others to see what you consider to be your flaws? Where does perfectionism come up for you and how do you handle it.
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Day 5:  Yesterday we talked about perfection having a negative impact on Confidence. Today we’re having a quick look at Comparison, which can either be motivating – i.e., showing us the path forward – or challenging where we believe the self-doubt is warranted and see others as so much more confident and competent than we are. I’ve included a useful process that certainly helped me past this confidence saboteur.
And don’t forget the 5 Day Mini Confidence Challenge is starting on Monday. Check it out.